Obsolescence Management

Changing market forces and reduced technology lifecycles provide increasing challenges in the management and acquisition of materials down to component level.

The effect of Obsolescence on time to market and impact on the supply chain increases as technology development continues to be commercially driven.

Re-active obsolescence procurement may offer an interim solution but does not address many of the underlying business issues.

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Managing Your Obsolete Parts Strategy

Obsolescence Management provides a total solution focusing on Customer's specific requirements. It pro-actively combines Obsolescence Avoidance with Integrated Materials Management to identify and reduce the risks associated with extended product support life cycles.

With our specialist knowledge and expertise Components Online Ltd will provide the following consultancy services for all your obsolescence issues:-

Obsolescence Strategy and Planning

Integrated Materials Management

Obsolescence Management

Pro-active Obsolescence Monitoring and Analysis

Material Acquisition

Procurement of "Obsolete Materials"

Location of alternative sources